Here in github is mycode.

What i want:

the result that I want

this question had been partially answered in this question. But I need \chead to start after \lhead.

  • There is no \rhead in your code. Can you be a bit clearer on what you mean by "after"? ...even if you have to draw out what you mean. Also, don't post code to some large document elsewhere. Rather paste a minimal example that replicates the issue here.
    – Werner
    Jul 26 at 19:01
  • @Werner thanks. i updated the question. Ok. what I mean by after is first print lipsum(lhead) and not starting from the line that lhead but after the line of lhead ; I want to print chead. it is like if lhead was in the first line; then lhead starts in the second line. i think this will give you bit of a explanation here... Jul 27 at 3:34
  • @werner sorry to bother you but i updated the code to A MWE. like shrinked it. Can you look? it is at github.com/Gomesz785/LatexPlayground/blob/main/problem.tex Jul 27 at 3:50

You probably meant lhead instead of rhead.

I guess you mean something like the following:

\campus \\ \dept \\ \course \\ \coursen
\TDAG \\\hline \\[-2ex]

enter image description here

You can fiddle with the -2ex to get the proper position. But please note that you will get a warning about your \headheight being too small. This can give some nasty effects. If this is just something on the first page, it may be better to not put it in the header but just a the first part of the document.

  • yes. i meant lhead. I updated it. Jul 27 at 3:35
  • Oh I will look all the answers, try them out and reply. Thanks for the wonderful answer... Jul 27 at 3:37

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