I'm working on a very simple document

I just want something simple. I want to create a list with ordinal numbers, but in letter, like: first, second, third, fourth but in spanish.

Any help would be appreciated


It can easily be done with the fmtcount package, which has commands to convert counters to text, and enumitem. Here is an example:


\begin{enumerate}[label=\protect\Ordinalstring{enumi} step:, align=left, font=\color{Crimson}\bfseries]
  \item Details of the first step. 
    \item Details of the second step. 
    \item Of the third step. 
  \item Of the fourth step. 


enter image description here

  • This is just what I wanted, thanks!. But now I want to know if is possible to make it spanish and write it all in uppercase and feminine, like: PRIMERA, SEGUNDA, TERCERA
    – Neuxis
    Jul 29 at 16:37
  • @Neuxis: Yes, fmtcount has multilingual support, see §4 of the documentation. You have to add \FCloadlangspanish} in your preamble, and further add a last optional argument to \Ordinalstring, which is the gender to be used.
    – Bernard
    Jul 29 at 16:53

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