I'm trying to use TexMaker with biber to import bibliography. I imported the .bib from Mendeley and it function well. But for a mistake I compiled it with "BibTex" in stead of QuickBuild and the bibliography (and citations) were lost.

Now I get this error:

INFO - This is Biber 2.16
INFO - Logfile is 'main.blg'
ERROR - Cannot find control file 'main.bcf'! - Did latex run successfully on your .tex file before you ran biber?

Process exited with error(s)

I already did what it says in here: Biblatex with Biber: Configuring my editor to avoid undefined citations but it did not work.

  • Delete the temporary (auxiliary) files (.aux, .bbl, .bcf, .blg). Then run LaTeX (when I say "LaTeX" I mean you preferred flavour of LaTeX: pdfLaTeX, LuaLaTeX, XeLaTeX, ...) on your document. If there are errors, fix them and run LaTeX again until there are no more errors left. Then run Biber. Then LaTeX twice more.
    – moewe
    Jul 30 at 9:52

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