I would like to draw positions of Checkers (aka Draughts) with the almighty package chessboard, and I would like to place some discs with a nice boundary, rather than plain discs.

Edit: What I ideally need is a symbol for a checkers piece as follows, quoting from the documentation of chessboard regarding adding non-standard pieces on the board:

Symbols should be scalable, so you should either use symbols from a font or use some resizing command from the graphicx package.

And then gives the following example (the minimal one, with a black clubsuit, is highlighted): enter image description here

So yes, I would like something to replace \clubsuit with some nice checkers piece :)

The best example I found online is at the very end of this answer: https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/555137 where Marjin proposes to put a double border on plain discs.

I really like that effect, but I can't reproduce it. I simply put this code in my preamble (with xcolor loaded):


Which is then used to have the following result: enter image description here

Note that the original code used \renewcommand rather than \newcommand, because it was used within the othelloboard environment.

I just tried to write \blackdisc in text mode, but I get the disc and the boundary uncentered, so I haven't gone forward to use it within chessboard.

Is there an easy fix to this, or an alternative solution?

  • well while I like to hear that chessboard is almighty I don't like questions which contains only snippets of code and links to other questions. I don't have the time to hunt through links and assemble code. Aug 13, 2021 at 18:39
  • I only mentioned the relevant code, the rest was specific to othelloboard - I added a picture from the linked question for clarity Aug 14, 2021 at 11:48
  • 1
    Your question would be a lot clearer if you provided a code example, but the \blackdisk code you show is picture mode so it is designed to be used inside \begin{picture}(10,10)\put(0,0){\blackdisk}}\end{picture} or some such construct. Aug 14, 2021 at 16:39

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This is an alternative solution, I don't know if your problem can be fixed with the chessboard package (I have never used it). But it's very easy to draw a checkers game with TikZ and put the pieces where you need them. I am drawing the pieces with a \pic, the rest are squares.

\documentclass[border=0.5cm] {standalone}

      \draw[line width=0.4mm,fill] (-0.5,-0.5) circle (0.4);
      \draw[line width=0.2mm]      (-0.5,-0.5) circle (0.3);

% chessboard
\draw[very thick,brown] (0,0) rectangle (8,8);
\foreach\i in {0,...,7}\foreach\j in {0,...,7}
  \fill[brown!\blend] (\i,\j) rectangle ++ (1,1);
% black pieces
\foreach\i/\j in {1/1,3/1,5/1,7/1,2/2,4/2,6/2,8/2,/3,3/3,5/3,6/4}
  \pic[draw=white] at (\i,\j) {piece};
% white pieces
\foreach\i/\j in {2/8,4/8,6/8,8/8,1/7,3/7,5/7,7/7,2/6,4/6,6/6,8/6}
  \pic[fill=white] at (\i,\j)     {piece};
% an intruder
\pic[draw=red,fill=green] at (3.5,4.25) {piece};

enter image description here

Edit: A slightly better looking piece:

      \fill                   (-0.5,-0.5) circle (0.4);
      \fill[left color=white,
            right color=gray,
            opacity=0.6]      (-0.5,-0.5) circle (0.4);
      \draw[line width=0.4mm] (-0.5,-0.5) circle (0.4);
      \draw[line width=0.2mm] (-0.5,-0.5) circle (0.3);

enter image description here

  • Thank you Juan, this is a very good-looking solution! However, I realised that I need to use chessboard because it provides a more minimalistic chessboard (I am drawing infinite chessboards, so I can't really add too many details); I'll edit the question to clarify that I need a way to draw a piece with graphicx, in order to use it within that package. Aug 14, 2021 at 11:28

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