The horizontal navigational bar of this beamer presentation

\setbeamertemplate{mini frames}{}

\frame{\frametitle{Beamer navigation}Frame text} 
\frame{Frame text} 
\frame{Frame text} 
\frame{Frame text}
\frame{Frame text}


shows one entry for each section of the presentation (in this case 1,2 and 3). For my purposes -- rather than showing entries for each section -- I need to have entries for the subsections displayed, so that where it reads "1,2,3" now it will then read "a,b,c".

I have been plowing through the Beamer manual, but without success. Suggestions anyone? Thanks.



That section navigation bar is dynamic. I think it's not well prepared to work for subsections instead, though it's possible to display the subsection numbers a, b, c additionally in the header.

That's why I recommend to change the presentation sectioning structure if this kind of navigation is needed: you could make subsections to sections and sections to parts.

The miniframes theme uses \insertnavigation of beamerbasenavigation.sty which calls \dohead of beamerbasemisc.sty. Have a look at the code there:

\def\headcommand#1{\global\advance\beamer@totalheads by1\relax%
  \expandafter\gdef\csname @@head\the\beamer@totalheads\endcsname{#1}}
  \advance\beamer@headcounter by1\relax%
  \csname @@head\the\beamer@headcounter\endcsname\repeat}

You may check the produced .nav files for the \headcommand calls (made by beamerbasesection.sty).

  • :-) that's precisely what I wanted to do originally, but I was unable to create a \tableofcontents that would only list the parts. What I was able to do was list the sections. So I guess I was trying to tackle this question (tex.stackexchange.com/questions/5285/…) from the other end ... well, it was worth a try ... and thanks for your answer. – Harry Nov 28 '10 at 21:52
  • it was only a second ago that I realized that the question that I referred to in my comment was YOUR question ... funny! We seem to be working in similar directions :-) – Harry Nov 28 '10 at 22:10
  • @Harry: it wasn't my question, I just made a small edit there (code highlighting). Btw. I added some details regarding the programming. – Stefan Kottwitz Nov 28 '10 at 22:19

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