I'm somehow getting crazy with a "small" thing. I used the njd-v2.cls style (for submission) wit AMA citing. So I had


and changed it to




because I want to use the APA citation style now. my_bib is a *.bib file. Further I downloaded all style files etc. Now I get a reference list but some errors as well:

Undefined control sequence. \begin{thebibliography}{}

fixltx2e is not required with releases after 2015(fixltx2e) All fixes are now in the LaTeX kernel.

You have requested package NJDapacite', but the package provides apacite'. Unused global option(s): [APA,STIX1COL].

So something is going wrong and I tried hours to fix it but I don't understand what's going on. And I don't find any examples using this style file with APA.

Can anybody help? Thanks!

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I found out that the APA option in this new Wiley style is looking for the following files:

  1. NJDapacite.sty
  2. WileyNJD-APA.bst (under the Additional Template file)

After which, you can just add the following option in your documentclass as follows:


Hope it helps!

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