I am using a latex template of a journal on Overleaf to prepare an article. The template adds spaces around the \hline so that the following code:


\caption{Table Name}
 Run  & Time (min)  \\
  $l1$  & 260   \\
  $l2$  & 300   \\
  $l3$  & 340   \\

produces a table with broken borders:

enter image description here

So far I could not find a way to make the borders solid and I will appreciate any advice.

Edit: extended the code sample

  • Does your class/file load booktabs? (we cannot say, because you didn't post a minimal working example (MWE)). If yes, vertical lines and booktabs are not compatible. Remove them.
    – Rmano
    Aug 26, 2021 at 9:58
  • 1
    @Rmano booktabs on its own wouldn't do that, there must be also some redefinition. Aug 26, 2021 at 10:03

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The class you are using has

  %% This puts extra space between horizontal lines in tables.
  %% If you want to use vertical lines in tables, you should use
  %% \savehline rather than \hline, otherwise the vertical and
  %% horizontal lines will not abutt.

  %% \noalign is a command that allows the uses to put something
  %% between lines in a table.

So use \savehline or (better) don't use vertical rules.


had the same problem without any conflicting packages installed or any personal definitions, the solution was to use the \hhline package. it's a little more work to define an horizontal style for each column, but the interaction with vertical lines works better. for standard tables you can just use \hhline{-----} with a dash for each column.

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