I want to list some equations in an itemize environment and still use the corresponding equation numbers. For that I defined

\newcommand\inlineeqno{\stepcounter{equation}\ (\theequation)}

and then i use

  \item $equation...$ \inlineeqno

While this works in principle, I want the equation number to be located at the right, like the other numbers. However, using \raggedleft aligns the whole list and flushright gives a new paragraph.

Any idea how to do this?

Moreover, how can I define a label and refer to a particular equation in the list?



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I was dealing with the same problem so I found your question when I was looking for solutions.

First of all, using \hspace*{\fill} you can aling the equation's number to de right:

\newcommand\inlineeqno{\stepcounter{equation}\ \hspace*{\fill} (\theequation)}

For your second question, I found this solution. That's my final code:

 \newcommand{\inlineeqnum}{\refstepcounter{equation}~~ \hspace*{\fill} \mbox{(\theequation)}}

In this example I labeled the second equation:

   \item $equation...$  \inlineeqnum
   \item $equation2...$ \inlineeqnum \label{eq:example}
   \item $equation...$  \inlineeqnum

 As we can see in \eqref{eq:example}, ...

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