How to put a label on a bend arrow in TIKZ. So currently I have currently managed to add a label in between the arrow, but I am unable to bend the arrow. Also, when I bend the arrow, I am unable to add the label in between.

\draw[->] (q2)--(q3) node[midway,color=red,fill=white]{0};

I have used the above code to add a label in between the arrow.

How I want it to look How I want it to look

How it is currently looking How it is currently looking

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Always post compilable code, so other do not have to guess how you make your nodes, bend, ... -and to help others help you.

\documentclass[tikz, border=1cm]{standalone}
\draw (0,0) node[draw, circle](q2){q2};
\draw (0,-2) node[draw, circle](q3){q3};
\draw[->] (q2) edge[bend left] node[midway, color=red, fill=white]{1} (q3);

Two nodes with bend arrow

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By use of the quotes library:


                C/.style = {circle, draw},
every edge quotes/.style = {fill=white, font=\footnotesize, inner sep=2pt, anchor=center}
\node (q2) [C] {q2};
\node (q3) [C] at (0,-2)   {q2};
\draw[->] (q2) to[color=red, bend left, "1"] (q3);

enter image description here

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