Using the acmart package, I have an author with an email address whose domain contains a hyphen. This gets broken into two lines by the default acmart styling, and since it's an email (and therefore interprets all commands literally), I'm not able to figure out a way to fix it without modifying acmart itself, which is forbidden in my conference proceedings.

This is similar to acmart: ugly email addresses -- how to avoid line breaking? except the domain contains a hyphen, and therefore the solution presented to that question does not work.




\title{Paper Title}

\author{Author 1}
\email{[email protected]}

\author{Author 2}
\email{[email protected]}

\author{Author With Long Email 3}
\email{[email protected]}



Looks like:

enter image description here

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Ok, I found an answer. If you add the option urlbreakonhyphens=false, then acmart will fix this for you.


(The rest of the original reproducer is unmodified.)

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