My document is organized as following:

\title[Some title]
\section[Section 1]
\section[Section 2]


When I use \completecontents command to print a ToC, I only get the section titles (which are numbered) and not the titles (\title entries). Is there a way to tell ConTeXt to print \title entries into ToC? Ideally, I prefer a table of contents that looks something like this:

Some Title

  1. Section 1 xx 2. Section 2 yy

Another Title

  1. Section in second title zz
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Here is a complete compileable example of what you want.

    incrementnumber=yes, % keep an internal title counter+list
    number=no]  % don't display the counter

% Manually specify the composition of the section and subsection numbers

% Redefine the toc list to include titles
\definecombinedlist[content][title, section]

    % Place the toc

    % Place some sections to see what their numbers look like.


I got the sectionsegments key from phg. For examples on styling the ToC, see the ConTeXt Garden wiki article on the table of contents, section Modifying the default ToC.

  • Thank you @Esteis for the providing the solution. It achieves almost what I had in mind with a small caveat: since \title now has a number, the sections inherit this number and show up as 1.1, 1.2, etc. Since, this is a lab book that I am writing, I prefer to have just the section numbers and do not append the \title numbers to them. I am fairly new to the world of ConTeXt, but I am pretty sure one can setup the sections using \setuphead so that the sections do not inherit the chapter or title numbers. I just don't know how. Thanks again.
    – Hooman
    Jun 27, 2012 at 15:34
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