I am compiling a document with glossaries, but it does not work because xindy is not found.

I get the error:

% arara: xelatex
% arara: makeglossaries
% arara: xelatex
% arara: xelatex


\newglossaryentry{def1}{name={first definition},description={description1}}
\newglossaryentry{def2}{name={second definition},description={description2}}

This is \gls{def1} and this is \gls{def2}.

    ***Call to xindy failed***

Check 'texstudio_lCtsPG.glg' for details
sh: 1: xindy: not found

(there is no file texstudio_ICtsPG.cls, the logfile says). I am on a ubuntu mate 20.04 system with Texstudio 2.12.22.

arara is on /usr/bin/arara and I have thus configured Texstudio as follows (using this this post on tex.stackexchange):

enter image description here

I have also tried to add \usepackage[texindy]{imakeidx} and putting txs:///texindy in the Default Index Tool in the Build tab of the Texstudio configuration, but get the same error. Strangely enough, I have an identical setup on another Xubuntu laptop, where it just works.

How do I print glossaries?

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I assumed that xindy was included in the 1 GB tex live installation. Not so. sudo apt install xindy solved the problem.

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