The CTAN fonts/oldstandard repository contains files for the OldStandard (OS) fonts but are intended to be used with LaTeX. How could I define \tenrm, \tenbf, \tenit and same with other font sizes for OS in plain TeX?

For example if I wanted to use CM I would define


as Knuth did in the taocpmac.tex file.


with latex











shows the fonts used:

eg the first is

> \OT1/OldStandard-TLF/m/n/10=select font OldStandard-Regular-tlf-ot1.

so you can set up the same fonts in plain


\font\largerm=OldStandard-Regular-tlf-ot1 at 12pt
\font\largebf=OldStandard-Bold-tlf-ot1 at 12pt
\font\largeit=OldStandard-Italic-tlf-ot1 at 12pt

\rm Abcdef {\bf Abcdef} {\it Abcdef}

\largerm Abcdef {\largebf Abcdef} {\largeit Abcdef}



enter image description here

  • Thank you for your answer, if I understand correctly, OS only comes in one font size and you have to magnify it in order to access 12pt?
    – Laravel
    Sep 6 at 17:46

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