I am running into an issue in the process of generating PDFs through R/Sweave/tinytex on a CentOS server. Here is the command that runs the process:

Sweave(rnwFile, encoding = "UTF-8", output=filename)

The error occurs once the .tex is being converted into a .pdf via the tools:texi2pdf command and reads as follows:

! Missing \endcsname inserted.
<to be read again>
l.118 \begin
!  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!
Calls: <Anonymous> -> texi2dvi

After chopping up my code to figure out where the error occurs from, I can tell it is originating from within its huxtable. I will post the important part of the RNW file here:

<<external-code, warning=FALSE, message=FALSE, echo=FALSE>>=
# r code for getting data here, works fine
huxTable <- as_hux(df1)
huxTable <- huxTable %>%
set_align(1, everywhere, "center") %>%
set_all_borders(brdr(0.5, "solid", "black")) %>%
set_align(-1, 1, ".") %>%
#set_colspan(1, 2, 5) %>%
set_font_size(everywhere, everywhere, 8)

#the header is full of other fields/data, but I have confirmed it is unrelated to this issue.
<<results=tex, include=TRUE, warning=FALSE, message=FALSE, echo=FALSE>>=

I have confirmed that the text inside the huxtable does not have any special characters that caused it to error out. I also ensured that the .aux and .out files generated with the failed attempts were deleted, too. I have generated other PDFs with similar dependencies, and so I am stumped with what's going on here. Any ideas?

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