I have an article class document. I am trying to divide a "section" into two parts such that a letter is added to the section number for the different parts. By "dividing" I mean visually, programming-wise I guess it is just customising the numbering. My aim is to have sections numbered in the following way:

1 Some Section

1.1 Some Subsection

2A Some Section

2A.1 Some Subsection

2A.1.1 Some Subsubsection

2B Some Section

2B.1 Some Subsection

2B.2 Some Subsection

3 Some Section

3.1 Some Subsection

I think the idea would be to create a new \section-like command, or set of commands, that allows the creation of a new section with a custom letter attached to it (or with something that tracks if the previous section has a letter). However, this command should not affect the usual \section command as I still want to be able to use the usual numbering before and after the subdivided section (or sections).

I have tried to implement the case where I divide a single section into two (A and B) using the approach of the accepted answer in this question. However, this answer is thought for a document where all sections are divided into A and B, while I just want to divide one section. Therefore, after using the new command they create (\sectionB), if I use \section again a letter is still added to the numbering.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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You could enclose the changes in the section counters in an environment to be used like amsmath's subequations environment. I think the following example should do what you wanted.

\section{A section}
\section{Half of a divided section}
\subsection{A subsection}
\subsection{Another subsection}
\section{The other half}
\section{Another section}
  • Works great. Thanks! Sep 9, 2021 at 9:09

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