I'd like to define a style in tikz with 2 squares in each other. However if I use \draw multiple times, it only ever draws the last one:

\tikzstyle{square} = [draw, rectangle,minimum height=4em, minimum width=4em,
    draw, rectangle,minimum height=2em, minimum width=2em]

I'm trying to draw this divisor symbol:

enter image description here


Basically, you can't nest nodes in TikZ. There are provision for modifying the "border path", though, but they are quite complex. In this case I would go with a normal node but using a double line for the border.

This in principle should work (you are using a deprecated library and the deprecated \tikzstyle command; I changed it. Moreover, never use pgfplots without setting a compatibility level; I removed it).

I say in principle because it wreaks havoc with some viewer antialiasing (evince is ok, okular shows only some of the sides in some zoom...).


\usetikzlibrary{shapes.geometric,arrows.meta}% arrows is depreacted
\tikzset{dsquare/.style={regular polygon, regular polygon sides=4,
    minimum width=4em, draw, double, double distance=1mm, line width=0.6pt},
    \draw node[dsquare] {test};

enter image description here

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    Awesome, thanks! I'm just starting with tikz and that really helped
    – caesar
    Sep 17 at 8:51

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