I am using the acronym package which defines the acronyms using the command \acro which is called with the arguments: \acro{acronym}[short name]{full name}. It is defined in the acronym environment as:

\item[{#2}] #3%

Next is an example of the acronym list:

\acro{AC}[alternating current]{Alternating Current}

After compiling, the list is:

alternating current Alternating Current

Instead of:

AC Alternating Current

How to modify this environnement to get the {acronym} instead of the [short name] in the acronym list, without deleting the [short name] since I need the lowercased form in the text by calling it with the command \acs.
Any help would be deeply appreciated


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Use \newacronym{AC}{AC}{Alternating Current}


Try this code. (pdflatex + makeglossaries + pdflatex)




\newacronym{AC}{AC}{Alternating Current}

    The long  \acrlong{AC}, which is abbreviated \acrshort{AC}.     

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