I am using memoir class for my thesis and I would like some help. Am fairly new to LaTeX but I am not new to programming so I can pick up easily.

I will appreciate some help in pointing me in the right direction. Here is what I want to achieve.

I am using the default memoir style, and I have created a minimal document. In my thesis, all chapters in mainmatter are publications I made to some journals. In the mainmatter then, I want to have a style as follows:

chapternamepage - blankpage - startofchapter

In chapternamepage I want to have Chapter Title as well as information about authors and citation of the publication. I have though of using epigraph for this, is this the right way ? Secondly, for the TOC entry for each chapter, I want to have the chaptertitle as well as the citation of the publication,

I am using bibliostyle and all the citations above need to follow the same style.

Can someone help me as I start this project ?


I would use memoir's \chapterprecis command instead of epigraph, since \chapterprecis automatically puts the text into the TOC. And you will need a way to insert full references into the precis. I used biblatex for that. (Theoretically bibentry/natbib should be able to do it, too but it doesn't seem to put the TOC entry part.) The following should get you started:

\usepackage[citestyle=authoryear, bibstyle=authoryear,sorting=ydnt,labelyear=true]{biblatex}
\bibliography{yourbibfile} % name of your bib file

\chapter{A chapter title}
\chapterprecis{\fullcite{yourcitation}} % put the article cite key here
Beginning of your chapter
  • Regarding biblatex, style=authoryear normally is sufficient - one doesn't need to specify the citestyle and bibstyle options separately. – lockstep Dec 28 '10 at 21:14

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