I'm working on my cv based off the forty seconds class


It's originally made with A4 paper. But since that size is virtually non-existent here, I want to change it to letter, but when I change it on the class definition, it doesn't automatically rescale the page elements. How could I go about doing that?

Thx for your help.

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On github https://github.com/PandaScience/FortySecondsCV it says:

Class Options. Possible options that can be passed to FortySecondsCV are: all valid options for the standard article class like e.g. a4paper or 11pt.

So check out https://mirror.marwan.ma/ctan/macros/latex/base/classes.pdf , i.e. normal US or UK paper formats should be possible too, like letterpaper.

So e.g.


should do the job.

P.S.: After having a closer look at the template, and taking into account a TODO-remark in the READ.ME ... up to now there probably is no automatic adjustment.

Instead, the preamble lists predefined and commented-out items:

    % 9pt,
    % sidesectionsize=Large,
    % showframes,
    % vline=2.2em,
    % maincolor=cvgreen,
    % sidecolor=gray!50,
    % sidetextcolor=green,
    % sectioncolor=red,
    % subsectioncolor=orange,
    % itemtextcolor=black!80,
    % sidebarwidth=0.4\paperwidth,
    % topbottommargin=0.03\paperheight,
    % leftrightmargin=20pt,
    % profilepicsize=4.5cm,
    % profilepicborderwidth=3.5pt,
    % profilepicstyle=profilecircle,
    % profilepiczoom=1.0,
    % profilepicxshift=0mm,
    % profilepicyshift=0mm,
    % profilepicrounding=1.0cm,
    % logowidth=4.5cm,
    % logospace=5mm,
    % logoposition=before,
    % sidebarplacement=right,

% fine tune line spacing
% \usepackage{setspace}
% \setstretch{1.1}

Unless you tried already, perhaps it's sufficient to remove some comment % or/and adjust the values as needed.

  • I already tried that, it works insofar as changing the paper size. However it doesn't rescale the elements to fit neatly.
    – DDamian
    Sep 22, 2021 at 14:32
  • @DDamian, please consider also reporting to the originator of this CV via github or via his website: pandascience.net. If it's a problem from the package, there is probably little we can do here ...
    – MS-SPO
    Sep 22, 2021 at 14:52
  • @DDamian, please edit your question and add screenshots which show the problem. Thanks
    – MS-SPO
    Sep 22, 2021 at 14:56

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