I am trting to define a custom unit as follows


In previous versions of siunitx, it was working very well. With the newest version it does not. Even the dot does not appear.


\documentclass[aspectratio=169, xcolor={x11names}, t, handout]{beamer}





Intermixing 'literal' and macro-based units has always been somewhat risky. In v3, a more controlled code path means that you do need to separate them out cleanly. As cmHg is a unit in it's own right, I would simply use


One could also treat this as an out-and-out qualifer

\DeclareSIUnit[qualifier-mode = space]{\cmHg}{\centi\metre\of{Hg}}
  • Thanks for the answer. However, books usually provide the unit as cm.Hg (with a dot at the baseline). The dot still causes an error and even does not show up when typing \si{\centi\meter.\mathrm{Hg}} Sep 23 at 17:17
  • A dot in a literal unit has always meant a space: that goes back to the syntax inherited from SIstyle over a decade ago!
    – Joseph Wright
    Sep 23 at 17:35

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