i'd like to use a \qrcode inside of a \caption, like:

% !TeX program = lualatex 
\usepackage{graphicx, qrcode} 

\caption{\qrcode{https://www.scinexx.de/fotos/schiffsspuren-in-den-wolken/} }

but \qrcode seems only to work outside of a \caption… The code above produces the error:

! Argument of \@caption has an extra }.
<inserted text> 
l.12 ...exx.de/fotos/schiffsspuren-in-den-wolken/} }

what is the meaning of this error? How can i solve this?

  • 2
    Untested \protect\qrcode
    – daleif
    Sep 27 at 17:15
  • 3
    Do you want that QR code to also show up in the list of figures? If not, \caption[<caption-for-list-of-figures>]{<caption-with-qr-code>} should do the job.
    – Skillmon
    Sep 27 at 17:23
  • I confirm \protect\qrcode works. Be sure to remove the .aux file before running again LuaLaTeX after adding \protect (this removal isjust once).
    – egreg
    Sep 27 at 17:58
  • thank you very much! I also confirm, that \protect does the trick – but only for rather simple input: \listoffigures \begin{figure} \caption{\protect\qrcode{https} } \end{figure} works fine (even with an qr-code in the listoffigures), but not with \qrcode{https://www.scinexx.de/fotos/schiffsspuren-in-den-wolken/} – then the following error occurs: ! Missing \endcsname inserted. <to be read again> \datablock@2 l.10 ...exx.de/fotos/schiffsspuren-in-den-wolken/} } Sep 27 at 21:11

thank you daleif, Skillmon and egreg. While your \protect is a solution for qr-codes, which link to maximum-two-character-links like: \caption{\protect\qrcode{https://ab.com}} is doesn't work for more-than-two-character-links…

A workaround for those situations could be:


combined with an:


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