In many cases, I prefer to have a picture directly after the text, without caption... like that: enter image description here

However, when there is no space for the picture (end of page...), I prefer to create a figure environment:

enter image description here

For now I need to manually change the code depending on which case I am, but it's really long and tedious to do (even once the document does not change too much), and it does not scale for big or changing documents (after any change I would need to recheck everything...) Any idea if I can automatize this process?



\section{If there is enough space}

  As you can see in this picture, A is a nice letter:


\section{If there is NOT enough space}

  As you can see in \cref{fig:fig2}, A is a nice letter.
  \caption{Figure for \cref{def:2}}


\section{Example of syntax}

I'd like to use a syntax like:
As you can see \figureIfSpace%
{in this picture, A is a nice letter:}% <- Text if space
{in \cref{fig:fig2}, A is a nice letter.}% <- Text if not enough space
{\includegraphics[width=5cm]{example-image-a}}% <- Image...
[\caption{Figure for \cref{def:2}} \label{fig:fig2}]% <- Caption/labels


I tried to solve this issue using \pagetotal to check the remaining space, but the obtained size seems to be too big: if I draw a rule of that size, it is pushed on the next page:


%Remaining space (above this line):

Not really an answer, more of a suggestion. Take a look at the code of the needspace package, which checks if there is a certain amount of space left on a page. If there is not then it starts a new page. You might be able to do something similar regarding checking the available space but then do your own thing regarding (un)captioned illustration. I suppose you could always just include the graphic and use, or not, \captionof from the caption package.

  • Thanks for the pointer. Internally, it seems using something like I tried above, equivalent to: \edef\measurepage{\the\dimexpr\pagegoal-\pagetotal\relax}. But this is not precise enough apparently since \rule{1mm}{\measurepage} is always pushed on the newt page... So I need to remove some arbitrary amount of text to ensure it fits, and it's not great...
    – tobiasBora
    Sep 30 at 17:44

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