I'm fairly new to LaTeX so this question may come off as trivial, but how would one go about sorting the elements within a citation by year?

For example, my citation would read in alphabetical order as (Frank, 2007; James, 2005; John, 1998). Where/what would I need to change to have it read (John, 1998; James, 2005; Frank, 2007)?

edit: I'm using natbib and a custom bibliostyle. Is it possible to leave the bibliography portion untouched (as the one that's displaying for me is perfect) and only tinker with the elements within the citation?

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Well, you may see this for further details on answering your question,

I'll summarize some of their answer in here,

  • there is a user package for sorting references either chronologically or reverse chronologically, plesslweb
  • you can also use biblatex for ordering your references by year or
  • natbib,

All them may be fairly easy to use considering you are new to latex. Btw, Welcome to TeX.sx!

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