The package hyperref automatically creates target anchors for pages, figures, and so on. Even if a target is not referred to, it is included in the final PDF. These targets can be seen, for instance, if the bookmarks of the final PDF are edited via Adobe Acrobat.

Most of these targets have useful names, but some of these targets are neither necessary nor helpful (and kind of litter the list of targets). Is there a way to prevent the creation of these targets for special types of labels or especially for enumerate list environments?

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You can use one of the following variants. The \patchcmd will only suppress the Item-anchors, the \AddToHook variant will suppress all anchors created by a \refstepcounter inside the list.


\item a 
\item b

  • Many thanks! Interestingly, the \patchcmd variant causes an Undefined control sequence (on the quick I could not figure out the reason, since I use a rather complex template), but the \AddToHook variant works fine!
    – Pontis
    Commented Oct 1, 2021 at 12:59

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