I'm using this code



    % after \\: \hline or \cline{col1-col2} \cline{col3-col4} ...
    \includegraphics[trim = {3.32cm 10.61cm 3.32cm 10.61cm},clip,width=1.75in]{newresults/th1dis} &\includegraphics[trim = {3.32cm 10.61cm 3.32cm 10.61cm},clip,width=1.75in]{newresults/T1dis}\\
    \includegraphics[trim = {3.32cm 10.61cm 3.32cm 10.61cm},clip,width=1.75in]{newresults/th2dis} &\includegraphics[trim = {3.32cm 10.61cm 3.32cm 10.61cm},clip,width=1.75in]{newresults/T2dis}\\
  \caption{my caption.}

now I want to reduce the horizontal space between the figures which are side by side, is it possible ?

  • Welcome to TeX.SE! Can you add a screenshot of your result to your question please?
    – Mensch
    Oct 1 at 10:22
  • 1
    your title asks about tabularx but the example uses tabular. you have 2\tabcolsep spacing which you can avoid by using \begin{tabular}{l@{}l} or simply remove the tabular and have two \includegraphics. Oct 1 at 10:22
  • thank you David Carlisle. It works
    – user253730
    Oct 1 at 10:58

There is nothing special about images, here \includegraphics is positioned like a letter such as x. A tabular soecification of ll has \tabcolsep spacing around each column so you could use l@{}l to remove the middle space or locally in the figure use \setlength\tabcolsep{1pt} or whatever length you want.

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