I am using this answer to make transversality symbol. It givesplain\transv as I am using amssymb. But, if I use the package mathabx and slightly modify(changed package, \lineskip-.57ex) the answer, it showsmathbx\transv. Now, there is a clash between amssymb and mathabx.

I want to import this shape from mathabx for the latter symbol while working with the package amssymb. In other words, I want to use mathabx to produce the symbolmathbx\transv only, any other symbols as usual from amssymb.

Modified code for the symbol mathbx\transv:



$$\Huge\transv $$



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Here is how to use the mathabx \pitchfork. I added an example of how to obtain something close to what you want with the \stackinset command from stackengine:


  <-6> mathb5
  <6-7> mathb6
  <7-8> mathb7
  <8-9> mathb8
  <9-10> mathb9
  <10-12> mathb10
  <12-> mathb12
  } {}%




\[ X \abxpitchfork Y\]%
\[ X \stackinset{c}{}{c}{0.1ex}{$\top$}{$\abxpitchfork$} Y\]%


enter image description here

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