I need to use a custom font called Calibri in order to mimic some word form. In that word form the font size changes repeatedly. I know of two ways to change the font size. Either at the beginning of the document.

Like this: \documentclass[9,5pt]{article}

Or using the commands

\tiny, \small, \normalsize, \large, \huge, etc.

Now, I can see from the word document that the title is in fontsize 18. I would just like to specify in my latex document the fontsize using numbers, as \huge etc. just don't exactly match the font size used by word. Similarly, to the sections and subsection headings.

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    \documentclass[9,5pt]{article} will just give an unknown option warning and be the same as \documentclass{article} you can use \fontsize{2cm}{2.5cm}\selectfont to get a 2cm font on a 2.5cm baseline Commented Oct 6, 2021 at 8:48

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A Microsoft Word point is a TeX big point so you want 18bp Calibri:

With lualatex or xelatex :

enter image description here




This is 10pt 

\fontsize{18bp}{20bp}\selectfont This is 18bp (18 pt in Word/PDF/PostScript/CSS/anything-digital-that-isnt-tex)

\fontsize{3cm}{4cm}\selectfont This is quite large


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