I am setting a macro in lualatex, and would like to use ~ as a non-breaking space character. However, it produces a new line between first and last.

    Note tilde is fine in luacode*.\\
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    This is not supported by token.set_macro. Just use something along the lines of tex.sprint("\\gdef\\NAME{First~Last}"). Oct 12, 2021 at 16:48

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This is possibly a luatex feature...

If I use plain text and \directlua primitive to avoid any interference from macro packages then

\show    \NAME




where the \show\NAME shows ~1 instead of just ~ where the ~1 produces a line break.

> \NAME=macro:
l.6 \show    \NAME

The loop then shows each token and you get:

> the letter F.
> the letter i.
> the letter r.
> the letter s.
> the letter t.
> [unknown command code! (13, -1113986)].
> the letter L.
> the letter a.
> the letter s.
> the letter t.

So basically the token library hasn't wanted to add the active character.


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