I recently installed MikTeX but have had some problems with it some I've decided to change for MacTeX. However, I' kind of confused after checking the different locations of the executables. For example, running where pdflatex on my Terminal tells me it's located at /Library/TeX/texbin/, along others. When I used MikTeX, it installed the executables in the ~/bin/ directory. Now, I'd like to uninstall all latex related programs and executables for a clean install. I don't want pdflatex and his friends installed in many different places in my computer.

PS: This is probably a duplicate question but I couldn't find any similar post so notify me if you do.

Thanks in advance

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    Oct 9 at 19:51
  • Can't you use the uninstall function provided by your OS? Oct 10 at 4:41
  • Does MikTeX on Mac have an uninstall option? Note: /Library/TeX/texbin is really a symbolic link to a data structure installed by the MacTeX installer. You can have multiple years of TeX Live distributions on your system and TeX Live Utility (a GUI frront end for tlmgr installed by MacTeX) allws you to easily choose which distribution is active. Oct 10 at 8:05
  • Not sure if this answers your question.
  • MiKTeX has a website that lists the location for the root directories for different OSs.

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