I'm using jabref to manage my references. The inssue that I'm facing is that I want to export all the columns that I've added. Like: enter image description here But when I opened the exportted file, there are just the default fixed, that doesn't change: enter image description here

I would like to export them all does anybody know if is it possible?

PS: I'm using the export tool from jabref to HTML going to : file > export > export all entries

Thanks a lot :)

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I do not think that there is a function to export displayed columns. The solution is to create an export filter referencing the relevant columns. See the dedicated help about custom exports

  • In the link you've send me is telling to go to Options → Manage custom exports but in my Options menu here there is just manage content selectors is the same thing ? because Iḿ not showing what it's said : To add a new custom export filter, open the dialog box Options → Manage custom exports, and click Add new. A new dialog box will appear, allowing you to specify a name for the export filter (which will appear as one of the choices in the File type dropdown menu of the file dialog when you use the File → Export menu choice in the JabRef window) Oct 12, 2021 at 10:43
  • I've exported to an ods sheet it worked in parts because its showing some tables Custom1, Custom2,Custom3,Custom4,Custom5 why is it ? ` Oct 12, 2021 at 12:14

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