This is related to this question

Special character in url link

but is specific to DOIs and does not involve unicode characters.

I have to use strange DOIs like this


So, I need to able to build a command like


That is, I need a valid URL in the first argument to \href based on a DOI which includes invalid characters as URL.

We can assume that there is an external command that escapes invalid characters in a URL:

$ urlencode '10.1175/1520-0485(1986)016<1929:CTWOTE>2.0.CO;2'

If I knew how to call an external program and catch its standard output, I would be able to build such a LaTeX command.

Or maybe somebody already has a solution.

If urlencode can be used from within LaTeX, it would serve as a solution to the unicode character problem, too.

By the way, a URL with invalid characters still works on Adobe Reader, but it doesn't on Apple's PDF viewer and other PDF viewers that use Webkit (so I was told). I suspect that Apple wouldn't fix it because the URL is invalid after all.

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    you could use the doi package. Commented Oct 13, 2021 at 7:31
  • @UlrikeFischer Ah, so simple! Thanks! I'll modify the title and the contents of my question because the solution is specific to DOI, not general to include all invalid URLs.
    – Ryo
    Commented Oct 13, 2021 at 8:54

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It turns out that the doi package already provides such a command as described in the question (although I don't know whether it's actually expanded into an \href command or not). Thank you to @UrlikeFischer .

You just \usepackage{doi} in the preamble:

{URL including percent encoding}\\
{URL including invalid characters}\\

This is to demonstrate that the hyperlinks to invalid URLs don't work on Apple's PDF viewers.

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