I try to learn LaTex via TexStudio on Ubuntu. I need to reference to a paragraph like that:

\paragraph{Théorème 5.}\label{theoreme5}

And I need that:

\section{Preuve du Théorème \nameref{theoreme5}}

But that print that (pdflatex):

enter image description here

It's all the name of the paragraph that is clickable. But me I want to just have the "5" clickable (and put any number or word instead of the 5, if possible).

I'm not sure that I was clear. If someone can help me I will really gratefull.


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    \paragraph os the 4th level section heading after section, subsection and subsubsection, it's more common to use a theorem environment declared with \newtheorem for theorems. Commented Oct 20, 2021 at 21:59
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Use \hyperref[<internal link>]{<stuff>} (with starred \ref inside <stuff>):

\section[Preuve du Théorème \ref*{theoreme5}]
  {Preuve du \hyperref[theoreme5]{Théorème \ref*{theoreme5}}}

The optional argument ensures that \hyperref doesn't sneak into the PDF bookmarks, which you can also do using \texorpdfstring:

\section{Preuve du 
    {\hyperref[theoreme5]{Théorème \ref*{theoreme5}}}% TeX string
    {Théorème \ref*{theoreme5}}}% PDF string

I would like to suggest you employ the cleveref package and its \cref user macro to achieve your typesetting goal. I would further suggest that you employ either the amsthm or ntheorem package and their theorem-like environments instead of \paragraph{...} to generate, well, theorem-like environments.

enter image description here


\addtocounter{thm}{4} % just for this example
\begin{thm} \label{thm5} 


\section[Preuve du Théorème 5]{Preuve du \cref{thm5}}

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