I have the problem that I want to have nice looking math symbols for the classical sequence spaces like Schwartz space, convergent sequences, sequences with finitely many non-zero members etc. I like the \ell^p for p-summable sequences but want some calligraphic looking ones for the others as well. Currently, I use the calligra package with some experimental (and still improvable) scaling. It produces a rather OK c_0 and c but the f does not match at all. Any suggestions how to improve that?

enter image description here

here's a sample of code:

\usepackage{calligra}          % used for sequence spaces
% Stuff for sequence spaces, more dirty than quick:
% use the calligra fonts for this, scaled a bit larger, only the "f"
% is too large...
% convergent sequences
\newcommand{\seqc}           {\mathcalligra{c}}
% zero sequences
\newcommand{\seqcn}          {\mathcalligra{c}_0}
% finite sequences  
% Schwartz sequences

The classical sequence spaces are:
\subseteq \seqs
\subseteq \seqcn
\subseteq \seqc
\subseteq \ell^\infty

Beside that, there seem to be quite a bit of kerning issues...

  • I dont know the answer but {\mathcalligra{c_0}} looks better
    – interlude
    Jul 2, 2012 at 18:19

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I imagine that you are looking for a free solution, but it seems that getting a nice looking f glyph that matches the traditionally used \ell, and which is not confused with a function, is a rather difficult chore.

I suggest that you give a look to the commercial MathTime Pro 2 font set. It provides "Script" and "Curly Script" variants that have nice glyphs for all letters you need f, s, c and l.

Note: I have no relationship whatsoever with PCTeX. But after looking into this issue for a while, it seems this font provides a reasonable alternative from the aesthetical point of view, although it will be nice to see if someone has a free (as in beer and in speech) solution to this question.

  • thanks a lot for the hint. They look indeed promising, but as you said, a free solution would be much more desirable. Aug 6, 2012 at 11:32
  • it seems that no free solutions shows up, so I will accept your answer. The fonts really look pretty... Sep 28, 2012 at 15:23

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