I've been having trouble using achicago package, I tried to run this example:


\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Linux Libertine O}

\speak{Vladimir} Whare are all these corpses from?
\speak{Estragon} These skeletons.
\speak{Vladimir} A charnel-house! A charnel-house! \attrib{\cite[41]    {beckett:godot}}
\attrib{\play{Waiting for Godot}, 41 \normalcitations\cite{beckett:godot}}
Estragon has exited offstage to right and left and come ‘‘panting’’ back
and fallen into Vladimir’s arms. \emph{---Ed.}
\speak{Estragon} I’m in hell!
\speak{Vladimir} Where were you?
\speak{Estragon} They’re coming there too!
\speak{Vladimir} We’re surrounded! \direct{\refer{Estragon} makes a rush
towards back.} Imbecile! There’s no way out there.
\direct{\refer{He} takes \refer{Estragon} by the arms
and drags him towards front. Gesture towards front.}
There! Not a soul in sight! Off you go! Quick!
\direct{\refer{He} pushes \refer{Estragon} towards
auditorium. \refer{Estragon} recoils in horror.} You
won’t? \direct{\refer{He} contemplates auditorium.}
Well I can understand that. Wait till I see.
\direct{\refer{He} reflects.} Your only hope left is to

Hello \cite{beckett:godot}\\



but I get the following error:

! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> \@listctr 

l.3 \bibitem{beckett:godot}


The content of the biblio.bib file is the following:

Author = {Samuel Beckett},
Publisher = {Grove Press},
Title = {Waiting for Godot},
Year = {1984}}

Any help will be welcome, thanks!


use also


instead of plain.

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