This is what I would like to achieve, a formula that is right-aligned, but at the same time positioned at the center of the page, without any relative position but just automatically right and center aligned... is this possible? With relative positions I can, of course, position it wherever I want Correct right and center text positioning image


Using the \align environment from the amsmath package.




    (z_1-z_2)/(e_1-e_2)\; mod\; q&\\
    =((se_1+r)-(se_2+r))/(e_1-e_2)\; mod\; q&\\
    =s(e_1-e_2)/(e_1-e_2)\; mod\; q&\\
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    Thank you so much! And thanks for correcting the parenthesis mistake, I didn't notice! hahah, you've been super helpful, thanks again. Oct 27 '21 at 22:09

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