A friend, who is a LaTeX user but isn't very confident with customising it, told me that he would like to be able to put framed paragraphs and framed equations into his documents. So I took it upon myself to create environments "charlesbox" and "charlesboxmaths" to facilitate doing this. However, I have run into an odd issue with spacing after the maths environment specifically. In this test example, it appears as though LaTeX inserts an additional, completely empty line of text after the \end{charlesboxmaths} line.

I have found that I can suppress this behaviour by eliminating the blank line before the following paragraph; adding a % to the end of the \end{charlesboxmaths} line; or just replacing the \begin and \end commands with the begin- and end-environment code itself. But how can my environment code take care of this problem?







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Put \ignorespacesafterend at the end of your environment definition; thus

  • Thank you very much! If it's not a lot of work, could I ask you to explain for me why "charlesboxmaths" needs this, but "charlesbox" does not?
    – Hammerite
    Commented Jul 3, 2012 at 14:38
  • I don't think I can explain the difference very well! However, if @David Carlisle were to drop by, no doubt he would be able to help. Commented Jul 3, 2012 at 14:50
  • @IanThompson additional answer added (bit too long for a comment:-) Commented Jul 3, 2012 at 16:09

enter image description here

The main difference is that LaTeX display environments like center internally use \par so they are in vertical mode after the environment so spaces are ignored even if the space token is not explicitly dropped. However display math is designed to be used mid paragraph and so it immediately returns you to horizontal mode, and if you don't explicitly ignore spaces they will produce an inter-word space.

the image shows the effect of putting the display math in an inner group which stops the following space being seen by \ignorespaces. ccc 4 is out by a space. If you re-insert an ignore spaces after the group things are back to normal, and that is what \ignorespacesafterend does (after a certain sleight of hand to fit in with other processing LaTeX is doing in the end code of an environment).




aaa\begin{center}bbb\end{center}ccc 1

aaa{\begin{center}bbb\end{center}} ccc 2

aaa\[bbb\] ccc 3

aaa{\[bbb\]} ccc 4

aaa{\[bbb\]\aftergroup\ignorespaces} ccc 5



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