Why do




produce outputs with different spaces?

enter image description here




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    If you load fontenc with the [T1] encoding the spacing is the same for both. – Alan Munn Jul 4 '12 at 4:54

The TeX Book mentions (Chapter 2: Book Printing versus Ordinary Typing, p 5): "There's usually less space preceding a single left quote than there is preceding a double left quote. (Left and right are opposites.)"

As such, in the default Computer Modern font,

```\ \ldots\ '''

is interpreted as “‘ ... ”’ that has an opening double quote and a closing single quote, resulting in incorrect spacing. In these instances, Knuth suggests using

enter image description here

Outer double, inner single: ``\thinspace`\ \ldots\ '\thinspace'' \par
Outer single, inner double: `\thinspace``\ \ldots\ ''\thinspace'

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