I desire dots from the chapter to the page number in my table of contents. I also want the chapters not be bold type for title and page number. I can make the dots well enough, and have even been able to change their spacing. But despite what I have fiddled with, the dots remain in bold font even when the surrounding text is plain.

Here's an MWE

\title{Fake Title}

\usepackage[titles]{tocloft}  % table of contents control and formatting


This is the report's abstract.


\chapter{Fake Chapter}
\section{Fake Section}
\section{More Fakeness}
\subsection{Even More!}

\chapter{Fake Chapter}


The table of contents for this MWE prints as shown. What can I do to control the appearance of the dots?

enter image description here

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I just went digging through the tocloft documentation and came across this hidden gem:


Getting rid of that \bfseries gives me what I needed. TOC without bolded leaders

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