I just installed MiKTeX using the basic-miktex-21.8-x64.exe installer.  After installing, it asked me to update. I did that successfully. Then I installed WinEdt 10, Build: 20180507  (v. 10.3) - 64-bit. It works, including that it installs necessary packages on the fly.  However, I cannot open the MiKTeX console through the console icon in WinEdt. 

When I try, I immediately get an error in a popup window, saying 

Sorry, but something went wrong. Do you want to see the error details?

When I click yes, I get the MiKTeX error report, MiKTeX console:

C:\jenkins\workspace\miktex\windows\build\source\Libraries\MiKTeX\Core\Session\texmfroot.cpp:238: internal error

I have tried restarting the computer. That made no difference. I can open the MiKTeX console from the start menu. But what can I do to get the console icon in WinEdt to open the console?

Is it just a setting I need to change in WinEDt options? Or something like that?

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Reinstalled MiKTeX, this time as admin. Now the MiKTeX console opens through MiKTeX console icon in WinEdt.

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