For the following, why does it seem to me that the numbers are a bit above where they should be at the very exact vertical center?

On the other hand, what content should be written that is supposed to have equal spaces above and below it to make sure the vertical centering is working right?

enter image description here


            rows = {m},
            width = 0.5\linewidth,
            colspec = {X X}, 
            row{odd} = {blue!15}, 
            row{even} = {gray!15},       
            rowhead = 1,
            row{1} = {red!20},
        0  &   2  \\
        TEXT  &   4  \\
        8  &   6  \\
        text  &   8  \\

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  • Just a guess.
  • The spacing is correct for content that goes below the baseline, like the lower case "g".
  • See, for example, Werner's answer, here.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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