I am using the latest versions of MiKTeX and Texmaker. MiKTeX won't load revtex4-1 and aastex61, both of which are standard class packages. Any suggestions for what to do?

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    revtex4-1 is obsolete, the current version is revtex4-2, so miktex no longer packages it. Nov 18 '21 at 23:18

The package versions you are trying to install may be outdated. You can download packages manually through MiKTeX Console in "Packages" folder, so it will just download the latest version.

  • revtex4-1 is still listed by CTAN. Also, MiKTeX won't load aastex, which is also listed by CTAN and as far as I know is not obsolete. Thanks for your answer. Nov 19 '21 at 3:11
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    revtex4-1 on CTAN: "This is an old version of revtex, and is kept as a courtesy to users having difficulty with the incompatibility of that latest version." Load revtex instead, which is at version 4.2e. aastex is part of MikTek and TexLive: what error message do you get when you try to load it? In either case, package can be downloaded manually.
    – Cicada
    Nov 19 '21 at 5:24
  • When I try to use MiKTeX Console to get updates and packages, I am asked for proxy authentication. I put in the username for my wifi and internet and my password for my computer, but the computer won't connect with the MiKTeX site. Apparently, I don't understand what the proxy authorization is all about. Any help would be appreciated. I would add that the explanation about revtex4-1 being obsolete makes sense, but revtex4-1 is sitting right there in the CTAN package repository with no cautions about loading it. Moreover, MiKTeX won't load aastex, which as far as I know is not obsolete. Nov 19 '21 at 18:30

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