I noticed that when creating documents in the apa7 document style, the resulting PDF will have colored boxes around the hyperlinks (with colors apparently varying depending on what it's linked to: red for tables, turquoise for web addresses, green for citations).

I tried adding the line \usepackage[hidelinks]{hyperref}, but it only returns:

Option clash for package hyperref.

How can I remove the frames?

Least working example:


%\usepackage[hidelinks]{hyperref} % Tried adding this line, but renders an error.

\title{Least working example using the \textsf{apa7} Package}

We begin with \textcite{Shotton1989}.  We can also cite this work in
parenthesis, like this: \parencite{Shotton1989}.

Table \ref{tab:ComplexTable} contains some sample data.  Our
statistical prowess in analyzing these data is unmatched.

    \caption{A Complex Table}
    \begin{tabular}{@{}lrrr@{}}         \toprule
    Distribution type  & \multicolumn{2}{l}{Percentage of} & Total number 

% Citation
  author = {Shotton, Margaret A.},
  title = {Computer addiction? {A} study of computer dependency},
  publisher = {Taylor \& Francis},
  year = {1989},
  location = {London, England}
  • 1
    As hyperref is already loaded you can use \hypersetup{hidelinks} Nov 19, 2021 at 11:55
  • You won't need to pass the options sortcites=true,sorting=nyt, to biblatex. In fact sorting=nyt, will select a slightly different sorting scheme than style=apa,'s default.
    – moewe
    Nov 19, 2021 at 12:06

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%\usepackage[hidelinks]{hyperref} % 
  • That works. I also realized I can set hidelinks in class options: \documentclass[jou, hidelinks]{apa7}. Nov 19, 2021 at 12:23
  • All class options are also seen by every package and used if it belongs to the package.
    – user187802
    Nov 19, 2021 at 13:52

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