I am using a MiKTeX distribution for LaTeX. I tried to check for updates to download nicematrix v6.4. However, the update is not really visible (i.e., even tough I have v6.3, MiKTeX console does not recognize that v6.4 is available). I tried to download the contents of the package in a zip file then run nicematrix.dtx with XeLaTeX, but I get the following message

Runaway argument? {293574 ! File ended while scanning use of \pgfsyspdfmark. \par l.104 \begin{document} ?

Running any of the previous files which use nicematrix environment still works well.

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    miktex doesn't update every day but the update will come. Can't you simply wait until it provides version 6.4? Nov 25 '21 at 22:49
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    6.4 is only dated a couple of days ago, it relies on unpaid human activity to copy it from ctan into miktex and texlive distribution sources and then a day or so to reach all mirrors. It is hardly surprising you do not see it yet Nov 25 '21 at 22:50
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    @UlrikeFischer I am just a normal user of LaTeX. I do not really get to know a lot of details as to how packages are updated in CTAN Nov 25 '21 at 22:54
  • well as normal user: simply check for updates and don't get nervous. It can take 1-3 weeks for miktex after a package reached ctan. Your nicematrix update came today. Nov 26 '21 at 9:23

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