Is it possible to have more than one plural form for acronyms?

I want to use the following german term for revision/version control system:

VVS for Versionsverwaltungssystem

the normal plural would be Versionsverwaltungssysteme

But I would also use it like this: ...mit verteilten Versionsverwaltungssystemen (n at the end)

How may I do that right with latex? :)

  • Sure, that would be my workaround/fix if it's not (AFAIK it is not) supported by the acronym package
    – kmindi
    Commented Jul 6, 2012 at 22:52

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I’d recommend taking a look at the glossaries package. When defining an acronym you have six user-defined keys at your disposal which you can use for storing any additional information. Minimal example:

%% Document generation:
%% $ pdflatex example && makeglossaries example && pdflatex example








das \acrlong{VVS}      \\
des \acrlonggen{VVS}   \\
die \acrlongpl{VVS}    \\
den \acrlongpldat{VVS}



The resulting output is:

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