I recently asked for help removing the numbers to the left of the Table of Contents and section headers. The thread with the answer to this is here:

However, I have had to rearrange my sections to match my university guidelines and now I have a problem with the subsection numbering I kept. I was able to reset the page counter, but not the keen-eyed table of contents, which is labeling my first part's subsections as the third section (which it is now, after the acknowledgments and preface) however I would obviously like it to remain labeling these subsections in accordance with the sections as I had them before, i.e. 1.1,1.2,etc. A picture of what I have right now is below.

table of contents with wrong section numbers

Does anyone know a way to reset the section counter for the table of contents and remedy this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.


Your updated \l@section macro removes the insertion of the section number in the ToC, but the associated section counter is still incremented with every use of \section{...}. Resetting this to 0 before \section{Part I} should resolve your problem:

\setcounter{section}{0}% Reset section counter
\section{Part I}

Note that such sectional (and page) counter modifications usually causes problems when including hyperref. However, it's not clear whether you need this or not.

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