Is there a simple way to represent a triangular matrix as a triangle, like Pascal's triangle?

I've seen various solutions that display Pascal's triangle, but I think that there should be a straight-forward command to display any general triangular matrix in a similar way from a LaTeX or from a SageMath input matrix.

As an example was requested, let me paste here dalibor.zeleny's solution from one of the links:

\foreach \n in {0,...,4} {
  \foreach \k in {0,...,\n} {
    \node at (\k-\n/2,-\n) {${\n \choose \k}$};

This produces: enter image description here

  • Are, please, you able to get a code? If your answer it is yes, could you add here? Thank you for your collaboration.
    – Sebastiano
    Nov 30 '21 at 12:33
  • So, what you mean is that you would like to have an input such as a \\ a & b \\ a & b & c \\ etc. and this should render as a triangular matrix? Nov 30 '21 at 13:16
  • Here is another solution that you might find useful, but only for smaller triangles: tex.stackexchange.com/q/142132/224487 . For larger triangles, I think the scripts provided in dalibor.zeleny's question would be more appropriate. Link to their question: tex.stackexchange.com/q/17522/224487 Nov 30 '21 at 13:38
  • How would such a matrix look like when exported from SageMath? Just like a comma separated list, or differently? Nov 30 '21 at 13:55

As noted in the comments, there are loads of solutions for Pascal's triangles on this site already. However, I understand your question rather that you want to have something where you can input an arbitrary list of entries and these will then arrange according to a triangular matrix automatically.

The following would do just this (still based in TikZ):


        \foreach \k in {#2} {
            \node[anchor=base] at (\thetmposn-\thetmline/2,-\thetmline) {${\k}$};




    \tmatrix[y=.75cm, x=1.25cm]{1,2,3,4,5,6,a,b,2x+4y,\sqrt{2},\frac{3}{4},\sum^n_{i=0}{x^i},\textrm{out},\textrm{of},\textrm{ideas}}


enter image description here

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