In the following two paragraphs, the line spacing seems to be wider in the bottom paragraph, and I can't for the life of my fathom why:

Paragrahps of text

The code for this part plus a little before and after is

    \noindent\vb{Systems of First-Order Linear ODEs}\\
    %parts omitted for brevity
    \noindent\vb{Sturm-Liouville Theory}\\
    Introduction and motivation to Sturm-Liouville problems, SL eigenvalues problems,
    expanding functions in eigenfunctions, convergence of expansions, applications to non-
    homogeneous BVPs and linear PDEs, transforming ODEs to SL form, singular SL problems and 
    the Bessel equation, solving the wave equation in 2D.
    \noindent\vb{The Laplace Transform}\\
    Introduction to the Laplace transform, calculating the Laplace transform for various
    simple functions and products, using the Laplace transform to solve second-order linear 
    ODEs, and ODEs with discontinuous or impulsive forcing, convolutions, application of 
    convolution theorem to ODEs and integral equations.


Thanks in advance.

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    why the low level markup \noindent\vb{Systems of First-Order Linear ODEs}\\ instead of a section heading??? You also get warnings about the mis-use of \\ which should never be used at the end of a paragraph. Dec 4, 2021 at 9:56

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Always include a blank line before ending the scope of a size change. The scope of \smallchanges at the }but the second paragraph has not been set yet so it is set with the baselineskip restored at the }designed for \normalsize, even though it used the small font.

Unrelated but

\noindent\vb{The Laplace Transform}\\

generates warnings due to the mis-use of \\ and does not include any of the features LaTex normaly uses for a heading such as preventing a page break after the heading. It would be better marked up as

\section*{The Laplace Transform}

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    Adding the blank line at the end of the \small section helps, thank you. Dec 4, 2021 at 10:26

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