When I'm using the template from Elsevier, I want to make the caption of the figure in bold while the subfigure does not (for instance "(a), (b), (c)" as the labels instead of "(a), (b), (c)", while "Fig.1 Opppps" as the caption), anyone knows that how can I realize it?

Below is a minimal example:

\usepackage{amssymb} % Add
\usepackage{bbding} % Add
\usepackage{color} % Add
\usepackage{caption,setspace} % Add
\usepackage[nameinlink]{cleveref} % Add



%%%Author macros

\captionsetup[figure]{labelfont={bf},name={Fig.},labelsep=period} % Add

\Crefname{figure}{Fig.}{Figs.} % For Fig.

\shortauthors{A et al}  
\title [mode = title]{A}  


\sep A



A \Cref{fig1}

    \caption{Examples of images: (a) A, (b) B and (c) C.}


And the package is available here:


Thanks all in advance! Have a nice day :D

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Use \usepackage[labelfont=normalfont]{subcaption}


  • Thanks a lot! It works!
    – Tim
    Dec 8, 2021 at 9:05

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