Now I'm using mtpro2 lite font but when I use the code "\leqslant", I do not get the symbol of mtpro2: enter image description here, I got the normal symbol of Ams. Can somebody tell me how can I get the symbol of mtpro2? Thank you.

\documentclass[12pt, a4paper]{book}
\usepackage[left=1.6cm, right=1.6cm, top=1.3cm, bottom=0cm ]{geometry}
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    Not without you showing us a sample document. We don't know how you set up your preamble
    – daleif
    Commented Dec 11, 2021 at 13:32

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In order to get \leqslant from MTPro2, you need

  1. the full version (paid), not lite
  2. to call \usepackage[amssymbols]{mtpro2}

So with the lite version you can only get the symbol from amssymb, if you really want it.

Let's see why; here is how \leqslant is defined in mtpro2.sty:

   1391 \DeclareMathSymbol{\leqslant}     {\mathrel}{AMSa}{"36}

(line numbers are used for reference). This line of code appears under the scope of

   1306 \ifmtp@ams

and we find

     29 \newif\ifmtp@ams
     30 \DeclareOption{noamssymbols}{\mtp@amsfalse}
     31 \DeclareOption{amssymbols}{\ifmtp@full\mtp@amstrue\else\mtp@opterr\fi}

So \ifmtp@ams is set to true only if \ifmtp@full is set to true, which is not with the lite option:

     22 \DeclareOption{lite}{\mtp@fullfalse\mtp@amsfalse}

If you have the full version of mtpro2, you load neither amsfonts nor amssymb.

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