I have been using the natbib citation management package and the bibliography style I use is apalike. I know that this is an old style and it is not up to date.

I want to change from apalike to apacite, but I have defined some citation aliases in natbib with \defcitealias that do not work when I change to apacite. Is there a solution for this? Does the apacite package have a command to set an alias?

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You claim that the citation aliasing mechanism of the natbib package doesn't work with the apacite package. This claim does not appear to be correct; all you have to do is load the apacite package with the option natbibapa -- which you have to do anyway if you want to keep using \citet and \citep.

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% create a sample bib file "on the fly"
  author= "Anne Author", 
  title = "Thoughts",
  year  = 3000,



\citet{a:3000}, \citetalias{a:3000}, \citepalias{a:3000}
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    Thank you! It was a silly error when indicating the apacite package. I was able to solve it with your help.
    – Rlacr
    Dec 15, 2021 at 17:41

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